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The table below shows the list of the most common abbreviations used in English. The right column contains the meanings of the abbreviations shown on the left.

Abbreviation Meaning
Letter A
a at; to, in algebra, known quantity, constant
A1 first class
A acre, America, American, April, argon
A angstrom unit
AA Alcoholics Anonymous, Associate of Arts, anti-aircraft
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Administration, Amateur Athletic Association, American Automobile Association
AAAL American Academy of Arts and Letters
AAAS American Association for the Advancement Science
AAG Assistant Adjutant General
A and M agricultural and mechanical, ancient and modern
AAR against all risks
AAU Amateur Athletic Union
AAUP American Association of University Professors
AAUW American Association of University Women
AB able-bodied seaman, airman basic. Alberta. [atriumbaccalaureus] bachelor of arts
ABA American Bankers Association, American Bar Association, American Basketball Association, American Booksellers Association
abbr abbreviation
ABC American Bowling Congress, American Broadcasting Company, Australian Broadcasting Company
ABCD accelerated business collection and delivery
abd, abdom abdomen, abdominal
abl ablative
abn airborne
abp archbishop
abr abridged, abridgment
abs Absolute, abstract
ABS American Bible Society
abstr abstract
abt about
ac account, acre
Ac actinium
AC air-conditioning, alternating current, (ante Christum) before Christ
acad academic, academy
AC and U Association of Colleges and Universities
acc accusative
accel accelerando
acct account, accountant
accus accusative
ACE American Council on Education
ack acknowledge, acknowledgment
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
ACP American College of Physicians
acpt acceptance
ACS American Chemical Society, American College of Surgeons
act active, actor, actual ACT American College Test, Association of Classroom Teachers, Australian Capital Territory
actg acting
ACW alternating continuous waves
AD active duty, after date, (anno domini) in the year of our Lord
ad advertisement
ADA American Dental Association, average daily attendance
ADC aide-de-camp. Air Defense Command
ADD American Dialect Dictionary
addn addition
addnl additional
ADF automatic direction finder
ADH antidiuretic hormone
ad inf to infinity (ad infinitum)
ad int ad interim
ADIZ air defense identification zone
adj adjective, adjunct, adjustment, adjutant
ad loc [ad locum] to or at the place
adm administration, administrative
admin administration
admrx administratrix
ADP automatic data processing
adv advert, (adversus) against
ad val ad valorem
advt advertisement
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AEF Atomic Energy Commission
AEF American Expeditionary Force
aeq (aequalis) equal
aero aeronautical, aeronautics
aet or aetat (aetatis) of age, aged
af affix
AF air force, audio frequency
Af Africa, African
AFB air force base
AFBS American and Foreign Bible Society
AFC American Football Conference, automatic frequency control
aff affirmative
afft affidavit
AFL American Football League, American Federation of Labor
AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
aft afternoon
AFT American Federation of Teachers, automatic fine tuning
AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
Ag (L. argentum) silver
AG adjutant general, attorney general
agcy agency
AGR advanced gas-cooled reactor
agr or agric agricultural, agriculture
agt agent
AHC Army Hospital Corps
AHL American Hockey League
AI ad interim, artificial insemination, artificial intelligence
AIA Associate of the Institute of Actuaries
AID Agency for International Development
AIDS acquired immune (or immuno-) deficiency syndrome
AIM American Indian Movement
AIME American Institute of Mining Engineers, Associate of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers
AK Alaska
aka also known as
AKC American Kennel Club
AI aluminium
AL Alabama, American League, American Legion
Ala Alabama
ALA American Library Association
alc alcohol
alk alkaline
allo allegro
alt alternate, altitude
Alta Alberta
alw allowance
Am America, American, americium
AM (ante meridiem) before midday, (artium magister) master of arts
AMA American Medical Association
AMD Army Medical Department
Amer America, American
Amer Ind American Indian
Amn airman
amp ampere
amp hr ampere-hour
AMS Agricultural Marketing Service, Army Medical Staff
amnt amount
AMU atomic mass unit
AMVETS American Veteran (of World :
AN airman (Navy)
ANA American Newspaper. Association, American Nurses Association
anat anatomical, anatomy
ANC Army Nurse Corps
Angl Anglican
anhyd anhydrous
ann annals, annual
anon anonymous
ANOVA analysis of variance
AO account of
AP additional premium, antipersonnel, Associated Press, author's proof
APB all points bulletin
APC armored personnel carrier
API air position indicator
APO army post office
appl applied
approx approximate, approximately
appt appoint, appointed, appointment
apptd appointed
Apr April
APR annual percentage rate
apt apartment, aptitude
aq aqua, aqueous
Ar argon
AR accounts receivable, acknowledgement of receipt, all risks, Arkansas
ARC American Red Cross
arch archaic, architect, architecture
Arch Archbishop
arg argent, argument
arith arithmetic, arithmetical
Ariz Arizona
Ark Arkansas
ARP air-raid precautions
arr arranged, arrival, arrive
art article, artificial
As arsenic
AS after sight, American Samoa. Anglo-Saxon
ASA American Standards Association
ASAP as soon as possible
asb asbestos
ASCAP American Society of Computers, Authors and Publishers
ASCU Association of State Colleges and Universities
ASF American Stock Exchange
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASI airspeed indicator
ASL American Sign Language
ASR airport surveillance radar, air-sea rescue
assn association
assoc associate, associated, association
ASSR Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
asst assitant
Assyr Assyrian
ATS American Tract Society, American Temperance Society
astrol astrologer, astrology
astron astronomer, astronomy
ASV American Standard Version
Atl Atlantic
atm atmosphere, atmospheric
attn attention
atrib attributive, attributively
AUA American Unitarian Association
Au [aurum] gold
aud audit, auditor
Aug August
Aus Austria, Austrian, Australia, Australian
AUS Army of the United States
Austral Australia
auth authentic, authorized
auto automatic
av avenue, average, avoirdupois
AV ad valorem, audiovisual, Authorized Version
AVC automatic volume control
avdp avoirdupois
ave avenue
avg average
AWACS airborne warning and control system
AYC American Youth Congress
AYD American Youth for Democracy
AZ Arizona
Letter B
B boron
Ba barium
BA Bachelor of Arts
BAEd Bachelor of Arts in Education
BAg Bachelor of Agriculture
bal balance
B and B bed-and-breakfast
b and w black and white
Bapt Baptist
bar barometer, barometric
BAr Bachelor of Architecture
BAS Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Applied Science
Bart baronet
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
bbl barrel, barrels
BC before Christ, British Columbia
BCD binary-coded decimal
BCh Bachelor of Chemistry
bcn beacon
BCSE Board of Civil Service Examiners
bd ft board foot
bdl or bdle bundle
bdrm bedroom
Be beryllium
BE Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Engineering, bill of exchange
BEC Bureau of Employees' Compensation
BEd Bachelor of Education
BEF British Expeditionary Force
beg begin, beginning
Belg Belgian, Belgium
BEM British Empire Medal
BEngr Bachelor of Engineering
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BG or B Gen brigadier general
BH bill of health
bhd bulkhead
BHE Bureau of Higher Education
bhp bishop
BIA Bachelor of Industrial Arts, Braille Institute of America, Bureau of Indian Affairs
bib Bible, biblical
biog biographer, biographical, biography
biol biologic, biological, biologist, biology
bk bank, book
Bk berkelium
bkg banking, bookkeeping, breakage
bkgd background
bks barracks
bkt basket, bracket
bl bale, barrel, block
BL Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Letters, bill of lading, breadth/length bldg building
bldg building
bldr builder
Blitt or BLit (baccalaureus litterarum) Bachelor of Letters, Bachelor of Literature
blk black, block, bulk
blvd boulevard
BMR basal metabolic rate
BNDD Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
BO back order, body odor, branch office, buyer's option
BOD biochemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand
bor borough
bot botanical, botanist, botany, bottle, bottom, bought
BP bills payable, blood pressure, blueprint, boiling point
BPD barrels per day
bpi bits per inch, bytes per inch
Br Britain, British, bromine
BR bills receivable
brig brigade, brigadier
Brig Gen brigadier general
Brit Britain, British
brl barrel
bro brother, brothers
bros brothers
BS Bachelor of Science, balance sheet, bill of sale, British Standard
BSA Boy Scouts of America
BSI British Standards Institution
bskt basket
Bt baronet
btry battery
Btu British thermal unit
bu bureau, bushel
bur bureau
bus business
BV Blessed Virgin
BW bacteriological warfare, biological warfare, black and white
BWI British West Indies
BYO bring your own
Letter C
C carbon
ca circa
Ca calcium
CA California, chartered accountant, chief accountant
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board
CAD computer-aided design
CAF cost and freight
CAGS Certificate Advanced Graduate Study
CAI computer-aided instruction, computer-associated instruction
cal calendar, caliber, calorie, small calorie
Cal California, large calorie
calc calculate, calculated
Calif California
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
can canceled, cancellation
Can or Canad Canada, Canadian
cane canceled
C and F cost and freight
C and W country and western
cap capacity, capital, capitalize
CAP Civil Air Patrol
caps capitals, capsule
Capt captain
card cardinal
CAS certificate of advanced study
cat catalog, catalyst
cath cathedral, cathode
CATV community antenna television
caus causative
cav cavalry, cavity
Cb columbium
CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBD cash before delivery
CBI computer-based instruction, Cumulative Book Index
CBS Columbia Broadcasting System
CBW chemical and biological warfare
cc cubic centimeter
CC carbon copy, chief clerk
CCF Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (of Canada)
cckw counterclockwise
CCTV closed-circuit television
CCU cardiac care unit, coronary care unit, critical care unit
ccw counterclockwise
cd candela
Cd cadmium
CD carried down, certificate of deposit, civil defense, (corps diplomatique) diplomatic corps
CDD certificate of disability for discharge edg commanding
CDR commander
CDT central daylight time
Ce cerium
ce chemical engineer, civil engineer
CEA College English Association, Council of Economic Advisors
CED Committee for Economic Development
cem cement
cent centigrade, central, centium, century
Cent Central
CENTO Central Treaty Organization
CEO chief executive officer
CER conditioned emotional response
cert certificate, certified
CETA Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
cf (confer) compare
Cf californium
CF carried forward, cost and freight, cystic fibrosis
CFI cost, freight, and insurance
cfm cubic feet per minute
cfs cubic feet per second
CG center of gravity, coast guard, commanding general
cg or cgm centigram
CGT (Confederation Generate du Travail) GeneralConfederation of Labor
ch chain, chapter, church
CH clearinghouse, courthouse, customhouse
chan channel
chap chapter
chem chemical, chemist, chemistry
chg change, charge
chm chairman, checkmate
Chmn chairman
chron chronicle, chronological, chronology
Ci curie
CI certificate of insurance, cost and insurance
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIC Commander in Chief
CID Criminal Investigation Department
cie (compagnie) company
CIF cost, insurance and freight
C in C commander in chief
CIP Cataloging in Publication
cir circle, circuit, circumference
circ circular
cit citation, cited, citizen
civ civil, civilian
CJ chief justice
ck cask, check
cl centiliter, class
CI chlorine
CL center line, civil law, common law
cld called, cleared
Clev Cleveland
clin clinical
clk clerk
clr clear, clearance
CLU chartered life underwriter
cm centimeter, cumulative
Cm curium
CMA certified medical assistant
cmd command
cmdg commanding
cmdr commander
CMg Companion of the Order of St Michael and ST George
cml commercial
CMSgt chief master sergeant
CN credit note
CNO chief of naval operations
CNS central nervous system
co company, county
Co cobalt
CO cash order, Colorado, commanding officer, conscientious objector
c/o care of
cod codex
COD cash on delivery
C of S chief of staff
col color, colored, column
col or coll collateral, college
Col colionel, Colorado
COL colonel, cost of living
collat collateral
colloq colloquial
Colo Colorado
comb combination, combined
comd command
comdg commanding
comdr commander
comdt commandant
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
coml commercial
comm command, commerce, commission, committee, communication
commo commodore
comp compare, complex
compd compound
comr commissioner
cone concentrate, concentrated
conf conference, confidential
Confed Confederate
cong congress, congressional
Conn Connecticut
consol consolidated
cont containing, contents, continent, continued
contd continued
contg containing
contrib contribution, contributor
CORE Congress of Racial Equality
corp corporal, corporation
corr correct, corrected, corresponding
cos cosine
COS cash on shipment, chief of staff
cp compare, coupon
CP candlepower, charter party, communist party
CPA certified public accountant
CPB Corporation for Public Broadcasting
CPCU chartered property and casualty underwriter
cpd compound
CPFF cost plus fixed fee
CPI consumer price index
Cpl corporal
CPO chief petty officer
CPOM master chief petty officer
CPOS senior chief petty officer
CPS characters per second, cycle per second
CPT captain
cpu central processing unit
Cr chrome urn
CR carrier's risk, cathode ray
CRC Civil Rights Commission
cresc crescendo
crim criminal
crit critical, criticism, criticized
CRT cathode-ray tube
cryst crystalline, crystallized
Cs cesium
CS capital stock, chief of staff, Christian Science, civil service
C/S cycles per second
CSA Confederate States of America
CSC Civil Service Commission
CSM command sergeant major
CSO chief signal officer, chief staff officer
CST central standard time
ct carat, cent, count, county, court
CT central time, certificated teacher, Connecticut
CTC centralized traffic control
ctf certificate
ctg or ctge cartage
ctn carton
cto concerto
c to c center to center
ctr center, counter
cu cubic, cumulative
Cu (cuprum) copper
CU close-up
cum cumulative
cur currency, current
CV cardiovascular, curriculum vitae
cvt convertible
cw clockwise
CW chemical warfare, chief warrant officer
CWO cash with order, chief warrant officer
cwt hundred weight
CY calendar year
cyl cylinder
CYO Catholic Youth Organization
CZ Canal Zone
Letter D
d deceased, penny
D Democrat, deuterium
da deka-
DA days after acceptance, deposit account, district attorney
DAB Dictionary of American Biography
dag dekagram
dal dekaliter
dam dekameter
DAR Daughters of the American Revolution
dat dative
DAV Disabled American Veterans
db debenture
db or dB decibel
DB daybook
DBE Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire
dbl double
DBMS data base management system
DC direct current, District of Columbia
dd dated, delivered
DD days after date, demand draft, dishonorable discharge, due date
DDC Dewey Decimal Classification
DDD direct distance dialing
DDS Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of Dental Surgery
DE Delaware deb debenture
dec deceased, declaration, declared, decorative, decrease
Dec December
def defendant, defense, deferred, defined, definite
deg degree
del delegate, delegation, delete
Del Delaware
dely delivery
dem demonstrative, demurrage
Dem Democrat, Democratic
Den Denmark
dent dental, dentist, dentistry
dep depart, department, departure, deposit, depot, deputy
dept department
der or deriv derivation, derivative
DEW distant early warning
DF damage free, direction finder
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
dft defendant, draft
dg decigram
DG director general, (Deigratia) by the grace of God
dia diameter
diag diagonal, diagram dial dialect
diam diameter diet dictionary
dim diminutive
dip diploma
dir director
disc discount
dist distance, district
distr distribute, distribution
div dividend, division
DJ disc jockey, district judge, Doctor of Jurisprudence
DJIA Dow-Jones Industrial Average
dkg dekagram
dkl dekaliter
dkm dekameter
dl deciliter
DLitt or DLit (doctor litterarum) Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Literature
DLO dead letter office, dispatch loading only
dm decimeter
DM deutsche Mark
DMZ demilitarized zone
dn down
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
do ditto
DOA dead on arrival
DOB date of birth
doc document
DOD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
dol dollar
DOM (Deo optimo maxima) to God, the best and the greatest
DOS disk operating system
DOT Department of Transportation
doz dozen
DP data processing, dew point
DPH department of public health
dr dram
Dr doctor
DR dead reckoning
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DSP (decessit sine prole) died without issue
DST daylight time, double time
dup duplex, duplicate
DV (Deo volente) God willing
DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
DW deadweight
dwt deadweight ton, pennyweight
DX distance
dy delivery, deputy, duty
Dy dysprosium
dynam dynamics
Letter E
ea each
E Earl, Easter, English
E and OE errors and omissions excepted
EB eastbound
eccl ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical
ECG electrocardiogram
ECM European Common Market
ecol ecological, ecology
econ economics, economist, economy
ed edited, edition, editor, education
EDP electronic data processing
EDT eastern daylight time
educ education, educational
EEC European Economic Community
EEG electroencephalogram, electroencephalograph
EENT eye, ear, nose, and throat
EEO equal employment opportunity
eff efficiency
EFT or EFTS electronic funds transfer (system)
eg (exempli gratia) for example
EHF extremely high frequency
EHP effective horsepower, electric horsepower
EHV extra high voltage
elec electric, electrical, electricity
elem elementary
elev elevation
ELF extremely low frequency
ELSS extravehicular life support system
EM electromagnetic, electron microscope
emer emeritus
emf electromotive force
emp emperor, empress
enc or encl enclosure
ENE east-northeast
eng engine, engineer, engineering
Eng England, English
ENS ensign
env envelope
EO executive order
EOM end of month
EP extended play
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
eq equal, equation
equip equipment
equiv equivalency, equivalent
Er erbium
Es einsteinium
ESE east-southeast
ESL English as a second language
esp especially
Esq esquire
est established, estimate, estimated
EST eastern standard time
esu electrostatic unit
ESV earth satellite vehicle
ET eastern time, extra-terrestrial
ETA estimated time of arrival
et al et alii (masc.), et aliae (fem.) or et alia (neut.) and others
etc et cetera, and the rest
ETD estimated time of departure
ETO European theater of operations
et seq (et sequens) and the following one
et ux (et uxor) and wife
Eu europium
Eur Europe, European
EVA extravehicular activity
ex example, exchange, excluding, executive, express, extra
exch exchange, exchanged
exec executive
exhbn exhibition
exor executor
expy expressway
ext extension, exterior, external
Letter F
f Fahrenheit, farad, faraday, and the following one
F fluorine
FA field artillery, fielding average, football association
FAA Federal Aviation Administration, free of all average
fac facsimile, faculty
FADM fleet admiral
fam familiar, family
F and A fore and aft
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAQ fair average quality far farthing
FAS free alongside ship
fath fathom
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCA Farm Credit Administration
FCC Federal Communications Commission
fcp foolscap
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FCIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Fe (ferrum) iron
Feb February
fee (fecit) he made it
fed federal, federation
fern female, feminine
FERA Federal Emergency Relief Administration
ff folios, and the following ones, fortissimo
FHA Federal Housing Administration
fict fiction, fictitious
FIFO first in, first out
fig figurative, figuratively, figure
fin finance, financial, finish
FIO free in and out
fir firkin
fl florin (floruit) flourished
FL Florida
Fla Florida
fl oz fluid ounce
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act
fm fathom
Fm fermium
FM field manual
FMB Federal Maritime Board
FMCS Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
fn footnote
fo or fol folio
FO foreign office
FOB free on board
FOC free of charge
fp freezing point
FPA Foreign Press Association, free of particular average
FPC Federal Power Commission
fps feet per second, foot-pound-second, frames per second
fr father, franc, from
Fr francium
freq frequency
Fri Friday
FRS Federal Reserve System
frt freight
frwy freeway
FS Foreign Service
FSLIC Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
FSP Food Stamp Program
ft feet, foot
FTC Federal Trade Commission
fth fathom
ft lb foot-pound
fur furlong
fut future
fwd foreword, forward
FWD front-wheel drive
FX foreign exchange
FY fiscal year
FYI for your information
fz (forzando, forzato) accented
Letter G
g gauge, gold, grain, acceleration of gravity, gram, gravity
Ga gallium, Georgia
GA general assembly, general average, Georgia
gal gallery, gallon
galv galvanized
GAO General Accounting Office
gar garage
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GAW guaranteed annual wage
gaz gazette
GB Great Britain
GCA ground-controlled approach
GCB Knight Grand Cross of the Bath
Gd gadolinium
GDR German Democratic Republic
Ge germanium
GE gilt edges
gen general, genitive, genus
Gen AF general of the air force
Gent gentleman, gentlemen
genl general
geog geographic, geographical, geography
geol geologic, geological, geology
geom geometric, geometrical, geometry
ger gerund
GGPA graduate grade-point average
GHQ general headquarters
GI gastrointestinal, general issue, government issue
GM general manager, grand master, guided missile
GMT Greenwich mean time
GMW gram-molecular weight
gn guinea
GNI Gross national income
GNP gross national product
GO general order
GOP Grand Old Party (Republican)
gov government, governor
govt government gp group
GP general practice
GPD gallons per day
GPH gallons per hour
GPM gallons per minute
GPO general post office, Government Printing Office
GPS gallons per second
gr grade, grain, gram, gravity, gross
grad graduate, graduated
gram grammar, grammatical
gro gross
gr wt gross weight
GSA General Services Administration, Girl Scouts of America
GSC general staff corps
GSO general staff officer
GSV guided space vehicle
GT gross ton
Gt Brit Great Britain
gtd guaranteed
gyn gynecology
Letter H
ha hectare
hab corp habeas corpus
Hb hemoglobin
he (honoris causa) for the sake of honor
HC Holy Communion, House of Commons
HCF highest common factor
hd head
HD heavy duty
hdbk handbook
He helium
HE Her Excellency, His Excellency
HEW Department of Health, Education and Welfare
hf half
Hf hafnium
HF high frequency
hg hectogram
Hg (hydrargyrum) mercury
HH Her Highness, His Highness, His Holinss
HI Hawaii
Hind Hindustani
hist historian, historical, history
hi hectoliter
HL House of Lords
hld hold
HLS (hoc loco situs) laid in this place, holograph letter signed
hlt halt
hm hectometer
HM Her Majesty, Her Majesty's, His Majesty, His Majesty's
HMC Her Majesty's Customs, His Majesty’s Customs
HMS Her Majesty's ship, His Majesty's ship
HN head nurse
Ho holmium
hon honor, honorable, honorary
hor horizontal
hort horticultural, horticulture
hosp hospital
HP high pressure, hire purchase, horsepower
HQ headquarters
hr hour
HR House of Representatives
HRH Her Royal Highness, His Royal Highess
HRIP here rests in peace
hrzn horizon
HS high school
HSGT high-speed ground transport
HST Hawaiian standard time
ht height
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
HV high velocity, high-voltage
hvy heavy
HWM high-water mark
hwy highway
Hz hertz
Letter I
Ia or IA Iowa
IAAF International Amateur Athletic Federation
IABA International Amateur Boxing Association
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
OALC instrument approach and landing chart
IATA International Air Transport Association
Ib or ibid ibidem
IBM intercontinental ballistic missile
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Delopment
ICA International Cooperation Administration, International Cooperative Alliance
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile
ICC Indian Claims Commission, International Chamber of Commerce, Interstate Commerce Commission
ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICJ International Court of Justice
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
ICU intensive care unit
id idem
ID Idaho, identification
i e (id est) that is
IFC International Finance Corporation
IG inspector general
Il Illinois
ill illustrated, illustration, illustrator
IL Illinois
ilust or illus illustrated, illustration
ILO International Labor Organization
ILS instrument landing system
IMF International Monetary Fund
imit imitative
immun immunity, immunization
imp imperative, imperfect, import
in inch
In Indiom
inc including, incorporated, increase
incl including, inclusive
incog incognito
ind independent, industrial, industry
Ind Indian, Indiana
inf infantry, infinitive
infl influenced
inq enquire
INRI (Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum) Jesus of Nazareth
ins inches, insurance
INS Immigration and Naturalization Service
intl or intnl international
intrans intransitive
in trans (in transitu) in transit
intsv intensive
IOC International Olympic Committee
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet, International Phonetic Association
ipm inches per minute
IPPF International Planned Parenthood Federation
ips inches per second
iq (idem quod) the same as
Ir iridium
IR infrared, inland revenue, intelligence ratios, internal revenue
IRA Irish Republican Army
IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile
irreg irregular
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISC interstate commerce
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
ital italic, italicized
ITO International Trade Organization
IU international unit
IV intravenous, intravenously
IWW Industrial Workers of the World
Letter j
j joule
JA joint account, judge advocate
JAG judge advocate general
Jan January
Jap Japan, Japanese
Jav Javanese
JBS John Birch Society
JCS joint chiefs of staff
jct junction
JD justice department, juvenile delinquent, (juris doctor) doctor of jurisprudence, doctor of law
JP justice of the peace
Jr junior
jt or jnt joint
jun junior
Jun June
junc junction
juris jurisprudence
juv juvenile
Letter K
k karat, kilogram, king, knight, kopeck, krona, kronor
K (kalium) potassium, Kelvin
Kan or Kans Kansas
kb or kbar kilobar
KB kilobyte
KC Kansas City, King's Counsel, Knights of Columbus
kcal kilocalorie, kilogram calorie
KCB Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath
kc/s kilocycles per second
KD knocked down
Ken Kentucky
kg kilogram
KG Knight of the Order of the Garter
KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti) (Soviet) State Security Committee
kHz kilohertz
KIA killed in action
KJV King James Version
KKK Ku Klux Klan
kl kiloliter
km kilometer
KMPS kilometers per second
kn knot
K of C Knights of Columbus
kpfa kilometers per hour
Kr Krypton
KS Kansas
kt karat, knight
kv kilovolt
kw kilowatt
kwhr or kwh kilowatt-hour
Ky or KY Kentucky
Letter L
L lady, lake, land, latitude, law, leaf, league, left, length, liberal, lira, liter, lodge, lord
La lanthanum, Louisiana
LA law agent, Los Angeles, Louisiana
Lab Labrador
lam laminated
lang language
lat latitude
Lat Latin, Latvia
LAT local apparent time
lb (libra) pound
LB Labrador
lc lowercase
LC landing craft, letter of credit, Library of Congress
LCD lowest common denominator
LCF lowest common factor
LCJ Lord Chief Justice
LCM lowest common multiple
LD lethal dose
LDC less developed country
ldg landing, loading
LDS Latter-day Saints
lect lecture, lecturer
leg legal, legislative, legislation
legis legislation, legislative, legislature
lex lexicon lexicog lexicography
LF low frequency
lg large, long
LH left hand
Li lithium
LI Long Island
lib liberal, librarian, theory
lieut lieutenant
LIFO last in, first out
lin lineal, linear
ling linguistics
liq liquid, liquor
lit liter, literal, literally, literary, literature
lith lithographic, lithography
ll lines
LL limited liability
LM Legion of Merit, lunar module
LMT local mean time
lndg landing
LNG liquefied natural gas
loc cit (loco citato) in the place cited
LP low pressure
LPG liquified petroleum gas
LPGA Ladies Professional Golf Association
Lr lawrencium
LS (locus sigilli) place of the seal
LSS lifesaving station, life-support system
Lt lieutenant
LT long ton
LTC or Lt Col lieutenant colonel
Lt Comdr lieutenant commander
ltd limited
LTG or Lt Gen lieutenant general
It gov lieutenant governor
LTJG lieutenant, junior grade
Lu lutetium
lub lubricant, lubricating
LVT landing vehicle, tracked
LWM low-water mark
LWV League of Women Voters
LZ landing zone
Letter M
MA Master of Arts
MB Bachelor of Medicine
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBO management buyout
MC Master of Ceremonies
MD Doctor of Medicine
MFA Master of Fine Arts
Mgr Monseigneur, Monsignor
MP Member of Parliament
mph miles per hour
MIA missing in action
Miss a title for an unmarried woman
MLR minimum lending rate
MO Medical Officer, money order
Mr Mister
Mrs Missis
Ms a title for a woman
MS multiple sclerosis
MSc (MS in AE) Master of Science
MVP Most Valuable Player
MYOB mind your own business
Letter N
N/A, (NA in AE) not applicable
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBA National Basketball Association
NBA Net Book Agreement
NBC National Broadcasting Company
NC no charge
no number
NPV net present value
NYC New York City
Letter O
OAP old-age pensioner
OCR optical character recognition
OHP overhead projector
OM Order of Merit
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OTE on-target earnings
Letter P
p.a. per annum
PA personal assistant
PDA personal digital assistant
PE Physical Education
PIN personal identification number
p.m. post meridiem = after midday
pkt. packet. / pocket.
PO postal order
por. portrait.
pp pages
PR public relations
PRO public relations officer
pt part, pint
PT physical training
pto please turn over
PYO pick your own
Letter R
RAF Royal Air Force
R&B rhythm and blues
RC Roman Catholic
Rd road
RDA recommended daily amount
R&D research and development
RE Religious Education
ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RP Received Pronunciation
RSI repetitive strain injury
RPI retail price index
RPM retail price maintenance
RFD rural free delivery
Letter S
SAD seasonal affective disorder
SAE self-addressed envelope
SAYE save-as-you-earn
SFO Serious Fraud Office
SI Système International
S&L savings and loan (association)
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
St. street,
Sq. square
Letter T
tbs/tbsp tablespooful
TEFL Teaching of English as a Foreign Language
Letter U
UAE United Arab Emirates
UB40 unemployment benefit 40
UFO Unidentified Flying Object
UK United Kingdom
UN United Nations
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
USP unique selling proposition
UNO United Nations Organization
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Letter V
VAT value added tax
VC vice-chairman
VCR video cassette recorder
Letter W
WC water closet
WHO World Health Organization
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
Letter Y
yd yard
YMCA young Men's Christian Association