Ćwiczenia angielski czasy

Ćwiczenie Uzupełnij luki z właściwymi formami wyrazów w nawiasach używając odpowiedniego angielskiego czasu pasującego do kontekstu zdania.
Nie używaj skróconych form!
Potrzebujesz pomocy? Angielskie czasy
1. She is not feeling well at all so she (not eat) anything today.
2. You (come) too late. All of them are out.
3. Call an ambulance! There (be) an accident.
4. They (talk) so loudly that we could not really hear your words.
5. "There you are at last!' I hope you (not wait) for me too long.
6. The Smith (live) .in the same street for twenty years.
7. What (you drink) ? Your face is white.
8. What (she sing) in the kitchen when you came in.
9. I (not see) so many beautiful girls since I left Italy.
10. She (try on) dresses all the afternoon and I am tired.