Ćwiczenia na czasy angielski

Ćwiczenie Wstaw podane czasowniki w nawiasach we właściwym czasie Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Angielskie czasy
1. In the afternoon I always until four o'clock. (work)
2. Here we at the station. Now we must get the porter. (be)
3. She chemistry for three years. (study)
4. My brother home many images from China last year. (bring)
5. There something wrong with this car. Where is the nearest garage? (be)
6. I English for the last two years, and now I French. (learn / study)
7. We to go to the mountains last month but our little son ill. (want / fall)
8. I never sugar with my coffee. (take)
9. He abroad last week. (go)
10. This girl the sea. (never see)