Czas Present Continuous ćwiczenia

Ćwiczenie Wstaw podane czasowniki w nawiasach w czasie Present Continuous. Potrzebujesz pomocy? Czas Present Continuous
1. He is at the bank. He money from his account. (draw)
2. He is in the library. He . (read)
3. She is in the kitchen. She dinner. (cook)
4. He is in the dining-room. He dinner. (have)
5. She is in bed. She . (sleep)
6. He is in the garden. He the flowers. (water)
7. He is at school. He . (study)
8. She is in the supermarket. She some shopping. (do)
9. He is in his car. He . (drive)
10. She is in the swimming pool. She . (swim)
11. He is in the cinema. He a film. (watch)
12. She is on the beach. She . (sunbathe)
13. He is in the office. He (work)
14. She is in the bathroom. She a bath. (take)
15. He is in the park. He . (walk)
16. They are on the bus. They to work. (go)
17. He is in the post office. He a letter. (post)
18. They are at the concert. They to the music. (listen)
19. He is in a telephone box. He a call. (make)
20. They are on a football field. They football. (play)