Present Continuous tense examples

Fill in the verbs in brackets in Present Continuous. Do not use contractions in this exercise.
1. He is at the bank. He money from his account. (draw)
2. He is in the library. He . (read)
3. She is in the kitchen. She dinner. (cook)
4. He is in the dining-room. He dinner. (have)
5. She is in bed. She . (sleep)
6. He is in the garden. He the flowers. (water)
7. He is at school. He . (study)
8. She is in the supermarket. She some shopping. (do)
9. He is in his car. He . (drive)
10. She is in the swimming pool. She . (swim)
11. He is in the cinema. He a film. (watch)
12. She is on the beach. She . (sunbathe)
13. He is in the office. He (work)
14. She is in the bathroom. She a bath. (take)
15. He is in the park. He . (walk)
16. They are on the bus. They to work. (go)
17. He is in the post office. He a letter. (post)
18. They are at the concert. They to the music. (listen)
19. He is in a telephone box. He a call. (make)
20. They are on a football field. They football. (play)