Adjectives adverbs exercise

Choose the right words or expressions to complete the following sentences in English.


  • I passed my driving test. It seemed much easier this time.
  • Betty is staying at home. Her cold is a lot worse today.
  • I've got the best job in the world.
  • The film was so exciting that we couldn't sleep last night.
  • Write this report first. It's more important than your other work.
  • This cake smells wonderful!
  • Could you talk more quietly? I'm trying to work.
  • Sorry we're late. Your house is much further than we thought.
  • Tom is working very hard these days.
  • Our football team didn't play as well as I expected. I was disappointed.
  • The faster Tom walks, the more tired he gets.
  • Thank you! That's the nicest gift I've ever received.
  • It's getting more and more difficult to find a cheap hotel.
  • The lunch menu is very short. It's less varied than the dinner menu.