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British vs. American English Dictionary Online

British English vs. American English Dictionary Online contains differences between these two types of languages. The words have been arranged alphabetically so that it is very easy to find the proper words in the opposite language.

British vs. American English
British American
flat apartment
dust bin garbage can, trash can
pram baby carriage
luggage baggage, luggage
barman, barmaid bartender
dressing gown bathrobe, robe
underground subway
city centre downtown
hand luggage carry-on baggage
single ticket one way ticket
return ticket round trip ticket
motorway freeway
public toilet rest room
lift elevator
economy class coach class
timetable schedule
car park parking lot
boot trunk
bonnet hood
wing fender
lorry truck
tanker tank truck
football soccer
way out exit
queue line
shopping trolley shopping cart
flyover overpass
petrol gas, gasoline
filling/petrol station gas station
cash machine/point, dispenser ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
pavement sidewalk
autumnt fall
floor, storey story
food mixer blender
cock rooster
socket, power point electrical outlet
tap faucet
film movie
cinema (movie) theater
shop store
letter-box mailbox
pharmacy, chemist’s drugstore
call box, (tele)phone box (tele)phone booth
sweet candy
potato chips French fries
zip fastener zipper
trousers pants
neighbour neighbor
organise organize
analyse analyze
catalogue catalog
tyre tire
centre center
plough plow
doughnut donut
cheque check
kerb curb
draught draft
colour color
behaviour behavior
honour honor
taxi cab
British American
accelerator, accelerator pedal gas pedal, accelerator
accumulator battery
advertisement commercial
aerial (TV, radio) antenna, aerial
air hostess flight attendant
alsatian, Alsatian wolfdog German shepherd, German sheepdog
American Indian Native American
anorak parka
anywhere anyplace, anywhere
at home home, at home
aubergine eggplant
autumn fall, autumn
advert, ad ad (advertisement)
assurance, insurance insurance (life)
adjustable spanner, money wrench monkey wrench
British American
baking tin baking pan
bank holiday legal holiday
barrister lawyer
base rate prime rate
bath bathtub
to bath to bathe
bathroom bathroom / toilet
bedside table nightstand
bill check
bin garbage can
biro ball-point pen
biscuit cookie
bobby police officer
bobsleigh bobsled
bonnet hood
booking reservation
bookshop bookstore
bookstall newsstand
boot trunk
braces suspenders
brackets parentheses
British American
call box phone booth
candy floss cotton candy
car park parking lot
caravan trailer
caretaker janitor
casualty department emergency room
catalogue catalog
centre center
chambers law office
chemist's shop drugstore
cheque check
chips French fries
cinema movie theater
city centre downtown
class grade
clothes peg clothespin
coach long distance bus
cocktail stick toothpick
cocoa powder unsweetened cocoa
colour color
cooker stove
costume swimsuit
cosy cozy
cot (for a baby) crib
crisps potato chips
crossroads crossroad, intersection
cupboard closet
current account checking account
curriculum vitae resume
cutlery silverware
cloakroom checkroom
British American
dialogue dialog
dinner jacket tux, tuxedo
directory enquiries directory assistance
diversion detour
doctor's surgery doctor's office
double cream heavy cream
draught draft
draughts (game) checkers
drawing pin thumbtack
dress circle balcony
dressing gown bathrobe, robe, dressing gown
drink driving drunk driving
driving licence driver's license
driving wheel steering wheel
duffle coat duffle coat
dummy pacifier
dustbin garbage can, ash-can, trash can
duvet bedspread
dynamo generator
debebtures bonds
draper's shop dry-goods store
doss house flophouse
dustman garbage man
British American
earth ground
earth wire ground wire
elastoplast band-aid
engaged busy
engine motor
enquire (v.) inquire
enquiry inquiry
entrée appetizer
everywhere everyplace, everywhere
exercise book notebook
expiry date expiration date
extra time overtime
British American
fag cigarette
fancy dress costumes
Father Christmas Santa Claus
favourite favorite
fill in (v.) fill out
filling station gas station
film film, movie
fire brigade fire department
first floor second floor
flannel face cloth, wash cloth
flashlight photoflash
flat apartment
flavour flavor
flyover overpass
football soccer
form grade
fortnight two weeks
fringe bangs
frying pan skillet
British American
gammon ham
gangway aisle
garden yard
gear lever gear shift
Gents Men's Room
give sb a lift give sb a ride
goods train freight train
grammar school high school
grill (v.) broil
ground floor first floor
British American
hairdresser hairdresser, beauty shop
harbour harbor
hard cooked egg boiled egg
headmaster, head teacher principal
high street main street
hire (v.) to rent
hire purchase instalment plan
hockey field hockey
holiday vacation
hoover vaccum cleaner
humour humor
British American
ice-hockey hockey
icing frosting
icing sugar powdered sugar
ill nauseated
indicator turn signal
injection shot
insect bug
interval intermission
inverted commas, quotation marks quotation marks
ironmonger hardware store
British American
jab shot
jacket potato baked potato
jam jelly
jewellery jewelery
Joe Bloggs John Doe
jug pitcher
jumble sale rummage sale
British American
kilometre kilometer
kitchen roll paper paper towel
knickers panties
British American
label tag
labour labor
Ladies ladies' room
ladybird ladybug
lager beer
to lay the table to set the table
lead leash
letterbox mailbox
life jacket life vest
lift elevator
liquidizer blender
litre liter
lorry truck
lost property lost and found
luggage baggage, luggage
British American
mackintosh raincoat
main road highway
maize corn
managing director president (business)
mashed potato mashed potatoes
match game
mate buddy
maths math
mean stingy
medicine drugs, medicine
mince meat hamburger meat, ground beef
mixer blender
mobile (phone) cellular, cell
motorbike motorcycle
motorway freeway, interstate
multi-storey car park parking garage
mum mom
British American
nappy diaper
national insurance number social security number
neighbour neighbor
newsagent's newspaper store
normal regular
note bill
notice board bulletin board
number plate license plate
British American
pack of cards deck of cards
packet of cigarettes package of cigarettes
pants shorts
paper knife letter opener
paraffin kerosene/kerosine
parliament congress
pavement sidewalk
pay rise pay raise
pedestrian crossing crosswalk
pepper bell pepper
personnel department human resources department
petrol gas
phone box phone booth
pickled cucumber dill pickle
platform track
plug hole drain
polo neck turtle neck
porridge oatmeal
post mail
post code zip code
postman mailman
primary school elementary school, grade school
prison jail
programme program
pub bar
pupil student
to put sb. through to connect sb.
British American
quarrel argument
quarrel (v.) to argue
queue (v.) to line up
quid buck
British American
railway railroad
reception front desk
redundant laid off
ring (v.) to call
road surface pavement
roundabout traffic circle
row argument
rubber eraser
rubbish garbage
British American
school report report card
secondary school high school
semi-detached house duplex
share stock
shop store
shop assistant sales clerk
single ticket one-way ticket
skipping rope jump rope
sledge sled
solicitor lawyer
Sorry. Excuse me.
spanner wrench
sports day fields day
state school public school
stock inventory
store superstore
storey story
subway underpass
sultana raisin
suppose (v.) to guess
sweet shop candy store
British American
tap faucet
taxi cab, taxi
taxi rank taxi stand
technical college vocational school
telephonist telephone operator
term semester
terraces bleachers
test quiz
theatre theater
till cash register
timetable schedule
tin can
tissue kleenex
to think to guess
toilet, loo bathroom, rest room
torch flashlight
tortoise turtle
town centre downtown
tracks track
traffic lights stop lights
trainers sneakers
tram streetcar
travelled traveled
trolley cart
trousers pants
tumble dryer clothes dryer
tyre tire
British American
underground, tube subway
underlay carpet pad
underpants shorts
British American
van station wagon
vest undershirt
video VCR
British American
wage cut salary cut
waistcoat vest
wallet billfold
wardrobe closet
to wash wash up
wash up liquid dish washing liquid
washing up powder laundry soap
wellington boots rubbers
wholemeal bread brown bread
windscreen windshield
wing fender