Adjectives and adverbs with the same form

The table below shows a list of adjectives and adverbs with the same forms.

Adjectives Adverbs
all day an all day match play all day
all right I'm all right you've done all right
best best clothes do your best
better a better book speak better
big a big house talk big
cheap a cheap suit buy it cheap
clean clean air cut it clean
clear a clear sky stand clear
close the shops are close stay close
cold a cold person run cold
daily a daily paper they deliver daily
dead a dead stop stop dead
dear a dear bouquet sell it dear
big a big house talk big
deep a deep hole drink deep
direct a direct train go direct
dirty dirty weather play dirty
duty-free a duty-free shop buy it duty-free
early an early train arrive early
big a big house talk big
easy an easy book go easy
everyday my everyday suit work every day
extra an extra blanket charge extra
fair a fair decision play fair
far a far country go far
farther on the farther side walk father
fast a fast driver drive fast
fine a fine pencil cut it fine
firm a firm belief hold firm
first the first guest first I'll wash
free a free ticket travel free
further further questions walk further
hard a hard worker work hard
big a big house talk big
high a high note aim high
home home cooking go home