Unlock the Power of Adjectives with Prepositions

The table below shows English adjectives used along with prepositions. The second column of the table shows how we can form nouns from the provided adjectives.

Adjective Noun
absent from a place absence from
afraid of sth/sb fear of sth/sb
amazed at/by sth/sb amazement at
angry at/about sth anger at/about sth
angry with sb anger with sb
annoyed at/about annoyance at/about
annoyed with sb annoyance with
anxious about/over sth/sb anxiety about/over
ashamed of sth/sb shame at sth
aware of sth/sb awareness of
awful at (doing) sth -
bad at (doing) sth -
bored by/with sth/sb boredom with
busy at or with sth -
capable of (doing) sth capability for
careful of/with sth/sb carefulness with
careless of danger carelessness of
certain of/about facts certainty of/about
clever at (doing) sth cleverness at/in
content with sth contentment with
contrary to advice -
curious about sth/sb curiosity about sth
different from/to sth/sb difference from/to
eager for sth eagerness for sth
easy about -
excited about/at/by/over excitement about/at
faithful to sth/sb faithfulness to
famous to sth/sb fame as...
fond of sth/sb fondness for
free from danger freedom from
free of charge freedom from
full of sth -
glad about sth gladness about
good/no good at (doing) sth -
good with one's hands -
grateful to sb for sth gratitude to/for
happy about/at/over/with happiness at/over
interested in/by sth/sb interest in sb/sth
jealous of sb/sth jealousy of sb/sth
keen on (doing) sth keeness on
kind to sb kindness to sb
late for work lateness for work
married to sb marriage to sb
nervous of sth/sb nervousness about
obliged to sth/sb obligation to
pleased about/with sth/sb pleasure about
ready for sth/sb readiness for sth
right about sth/sb -
sad about sth/sb sadness about
safe from sth / for sb safety from sth
satisfied with sth/sb satisfaction with
separate from sth separation from
slow at (doing) sth slowness at
sorry about/for (doing) sth sorrow for (doing)
sorry for sb -
surprised about/at/by surprise about/at
terrible at (doing) sth -
thankful to sb or sth thankfulness to/for
worried about sb/sth worry about/over sb/sth
wrong about sb/sth -