Comparative adjective

Comparative adjective. Fill in the gaps with the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets to complete the following sentences in English.
1. This river is not long but it is one in the country. (wide)
2. Your car is than mine. (fast)
3. Which is actress in the theatre? (slim)
4. This end is than that one. (clean)
5. This building is in the street. (big)
6. The Atlantic is than the Arctic Ocean. (large)
7. This is day in my life. (happy)
8. The Pacific is ocean on the earth. (large)
9. This equation is than that one. (simple)
10. Which tree is : this one or that one? (low)
11. The sand is here than over there. (dry)
12. Steve is than his brother. (strong)
13. In my opinion, Napoleon was commander in history. (great)
14. The left shoe is than the right one. (small)
15. My car is than yours. (big)
16. This is building in the town. (high)
17. I am than you. (old)
18. This is story I have ever heard. (sad)
19. The right trouser-leg is than the left one. (wide)
20. This is hat we have got. (small)