Comparative adjectives exercise

Comparative adjectives exercise. Fill in the gaps with the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets to complete the following sentences in English.
1. Sharks are than lions. (dangerous)
2. William Shakespeare is than Christopher Marlowe. (famous)
3. Henry is than his sister. (absent-minded)
4. Tom is than David. (selfish)
5. He is than he used to be last year. (fat)
6. Andrew seems to be than he was two months ago. (slim)
7. Walt is nowadays than he used to be when he was . (impatient / young)
8. Our town is than Manchester. (attractive)
9. Tom is than his elder brother. (impulsive)
10. This poem is than any other poem I've read. (pathetic)
11. Your house is than mine. (beautiful)
12. His room is than yours. (dark)
13. I think that English films are than American ones. (interesting)
14. George runs than Jim. (fast)
15. The living conditions are than they used to be. (bad)
16. Today Father is than usual. (irritated)
17. Exercise 16 is than exercise 15. (easy)
18. "Prevention is than cure". (good)
19. Your argumentation is than Robert's. (convincing)
20. At home, Mother is always than Father. (busy)