Comparative of adjectives exercise

Comparative of adjectives exercise. Fill in the gaps with the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets to complete the following sentences in English.
1. Our research should prove it. (far)
2. It will be to remove it now. (easy)
3. The weather today is than it was yesterday. (bad)
4. My brother is a lawyer. (old)
5. Hit it . (hard)
6. It stank than you could imagine. (badly)
7. Who is a driver: you or your wife? (good)
8. Here is a map. (detailed)
9. Neptune is away from the Sun than Jupiter. (far)
10. Mary cooks than I do. (well)
11. I lost than I'd thought. (little)
12. He treats the boy than his dog. (badly)
13. I don't want any hints. (far)
14. It is away than I've expected. (far)
15. John is a actor than I am. (good)
16. This copy is in a condition. (good)
17. I got than they'd promised. (much)
18. His sister is than his older sister. (young / nice)
19. It took me than you think. (long)
20. I sleep now. (well)