Comparative superlative adjectives exercise - answers

Adjective Comparative Superlative
1. cold colder the coldest
2. good better the best
3. interesting more interesting the most interesting
4. beautiful more beautiful the most beautiful
5. old older the oldest
6. little smaller the smallest
7. important more important the most important
8. far farther the farthest
9. able abler the ablest
10. disagreeable more disagreeable the most disagreeable
11. red redder the reddest
12. true truer the truest
13. pretty prettier the prettiest
14. comfortable more comfortable the most comfortable
15. convenient more convenient the most convenient
16. deep deeper the deepest
17. courageous more courageous the most courageous
18. easy easier the easiest
19. excellent more excellent the most excellent
20. bad worse the worst