Compound adjectives exercises

Compound adjectives exercises. Fill in the gaps with the compound adjectives in English to complete the sentences below. The adjectives should correspond to the first sentence and denote the meaning expressed in it.
The child behaves well. He is a child.
That man dresses in a scruffy manner. He is a man.
This film star is very conscious of her image. This film star is very .
It takes ten minutes to drive from my house to work. It is a drive from my house to work.
They planned the attack in a very clever way. It was a very attack.
My dog has got short legs. It is a dog.
That man always looks rather angry. He is a rather man.
His degree course took five years to complete. It was a degree course.
What’s the name of that perfume that smells horrible? What is the name of that perfume.
Only members who carry their cards are allowed inside. Only members are allowed inside.