Conditional first exercises

Conditional first exercises. Complete the following sentences with the words in brackets.
Her father will be angry if she to this party. (go)
If he so hard, he will ruin his health. (work)
He English quicker if he goes to England. (learn)
Will her ticket still be valid if she the plane? (miss)
I will phone you if I . (not / forget)
My parent me if I am in financial troubles. (not / help)
I will allow you to take my car if you slowly. (drive)
She will come if she busy. (not / be)
If we in groups, we will finish it quicker. (work)
You this problem if you read his paper. (solve)
They will not work properly unless you them good wages. (pay)
What if he does not send the money? (they / do)
Unless you are careful you the job. (lose)
You will lose all your money if you cards with them. (play)
If you the radio like that you will damage it. (use)
He will produce the film if we him money. (lend)
You your fingers unless you use gloves. (burn)
If you what I told you, you'll find the place easily. (remember)
He if you continue turning the radio up so loud. (be angry)