Demonstratives exercises

Complete the sentences with proper demonstrative pronoun. Example:
This book is yours and _____ is mine.
This book is yours and that is mine.
These books are mine and ______ are yours.
These books are mine and those are yours.
1. This seat is yours and seat is mine.
2. These are Bob's glasses, not mine. glasses are mine.
3 This is a cupboard and is a sideboard.
4. These cigarettes are shorter than .
5. Which road shall we take: this one or one?
6. That towel is dirty. Take one.
7 These tickets are for you and are for us.
8. are our models and those are our competitors'.
9. Give me ball-pen and I'll give you this.
10. Which line is longer: one or that one?
11. These are peas and are beans.
12 This cup is not yours. cup on the shelf is yours.
13. I want that book on the second shelf, not one.
14. Those scissors are rather blunt. are sharp.
15. This is a map of France and is a map of Spain.
16. Don't take pills. These are better.
17. This ruler is more accurate than one.
18. These are my new shoes and are the old ones.
19. Which scarf is yours: this one or one?
20. This dictionary is better than one.