English exercises tenses

English exercises tenses. Fill in the verbs in brackets at the end of the sentences in the correct English tense. Use the following tenses in this exercise: Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect, Future Simple, Future Perfect, Future Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous, Past Simple.
1. Hurry up! We for you downstairs. (wait)
2. Don't worry. They you know soon. (let)
3. By next February I this car for five years. (have)
4. She French for three years when she started learning English. (learn)
5. The boss a couple of minutes ago. (leave)
6. If somebody rings up, tell them I a bath. (have)
7. By Thursday they the roof for three months. (repair)
8. After he had got off the bus, he a taxi. (take)
9. He $200 a week. (earn)
10. I know him very well. We neighbours since 1998. (be)