English grammar passive voice exercises

English grammar passive voice exercises. Choose the right answers in passive or active voice to complete the following sentences in English. Pay close attention to the tenses in the sentences making sure they match.
1. Someone has returned the stolen wallet.
The by someone.
2. They will not send you any money until next month.
You until next month.
3. She is looking after the children.
The by her.
4. Has anyone informed you about the change of plan?
about the change of plan?
5. My colleague stole my suitcase.
My by my colleague.
6. You must add milk and flour to the eggs.
Milk and to the eggs.
7. Do you know who wrote The Willow?
Do you know who by?
8. His mother didn’t give him any encouragement.
by his mother.
9. We suddenly realized that someone had tricked us.
We suddenly realized that by someone.
10. The prosecutor was interviewing the suspect this morning.
The by the prosecutor.