English grammar transformation of sentences

English grammar transformation of sentences. Transform the following sentences in English using different tenses in English.
1. There's a party at Mary's house next week.
Next week Mary a party at her house.
2. When you phoned me, it was my lunchtime.
When you phoned me, I lunch
3. I started working for this company three years ago.
I’ve for this company for three years.
4. Our meeting is tomorrow.
We a meeting tomorrow
5. I haven't had a Chinese meal for ages.
It's ages a Chinese meal
6. David went home before we arrived.
When we arrived David home.
7. The arrival time of Helen's flight is 8.00.
Helen's flight at 8.00
8. Hurry up! We'll get to the theatre after the beginning of the play.
By the time we get to the theatre, the play .
9. Oh no! My wallet is missing.
Oh no! I my wallet.
10. I've only recently started wearing glasses.
I didn't glasses until recently.