English personal and possessive pronouns

English personal and possessive pronouns. Fill in the gaps with the personal or possessive pronouns provided in brackets to complete the following sentences in English.
1. I went with (she, her) to see (they, them).
2. (We, Us) will all come together with (he, him).
3. Some letters have come from (she, her) for (I, me).
4. (They, Them) told (I, me) many things about (he, him).
5. (I, Me) thought it was (he, him) coming to see (I, me).
6. Mr Smith and (he, him) are great friends.
7. (I, me) must see (she, her).
8. (She, Her) wants to see (I, me).
9. (He, Him) came here with (we, us).
10. He took (she, her) to the pictures