English personal pronouns exercises

English personal pronouns exercises. Fill in the personal pronouns referring to the person or thing mentioned before.
1. Stella promised that would visit me soon.
2. The accident happened last week, didn't ?
3. Mary claims was alone at the bus stop.
4. Peter says is against capital punishment.
5. Mother wanted to come, but was too busy.
6. My wife likes the present you bought very much.
7. Our hostess said would take care of our things.
8. The firm has offered Sam a job in Iran, but refused to go there.
9. The tank is full, isn't ?
10. The Browns asked me to ring up on Friday.
11. My husband was very angry with me. even didn't want to talk to me.
12. When you see Mr Brown give my regards.
13. I can't find my favourite pipe. has vanished.
14. Mr Wallace is the oldest citizen in the town. is 105 years old.
15. Our neighbours are very noisy people. listen to very loud music day and night.
16. If your uncle had rung me up, wouldn't have waited.
17. That actress, though very young, is very good. will play the part of Ophelia next season.
18. I love my Porsche. is the fastest car I've ever had.
19. No wonder that lovers all over the world like the moon. Look at it now. Isn't fantastic?
20. One of my friends says is going to invite me to this expensive restaurant.