English possessive pronouns exercises

English possessive pronouns exercises. Fill in the possessive pronouns referring to the person or thing mentioned before to complete the following sentences in English.
1. I want to change job.
2. As you make bed, so you must lie in it.
3. Mark claims this book to be .
4. Peter cleaned teeth and went to bed.
5. She is so fat. figure is awful.
6. I don't think this umbrella is .
7. The two countries have recently exchanged ambassadors.
8. We are going to spend holidays at the seaside.
9. This can't be Stella's signature. is quite different.
10. He beat brains about the incident.
11. Everything is in place, I hope?
12. The Amolds sold house in December.
13. 'Mike, don't use this towel, please. It isn't .'
14. They've broken engagement.
15. They say that the picture is .
16. He got the trouble off chest.
17. Every dog has day.
18. Our dog didn't like new collar.
19. A bad workman always blames tools.
20. Is it possible you've said anything like that? Is the statement in today's press really ?