English preposition exercise

English preposition exercise. Choose the right prepositions to complete the following sentences.
1. Give it your mother.
2. I was sitting Mr Brown and Mr Smith.
3. You cannot buy things money.
4. I've got a letter my wife.
5. Is there a bridge the river?
6. We cut paper pair of scissors.
7. An empty bottle was standing him.
8. I am breath after that run.
9. A country girl was walking the road.
10. I sailed from Warsaw Plock.
11. Keep your hands this hot plate.
12. We saw the blacksmith work in his smithy.
13. We haven't been in England ten years.
14. I could not see him because he was sitting me.
15. The lamp was just my head.
16. I have translated that short story Polish.
17. The Vistula flows Warsaw.
18. I told him all it.
19. They made a journey the world.
20. She lived in London the war.
21. He is paid the day.
22. The boy was too week to climb the rope.
23. I saw a ring her finger.
24. I know I am friends.
25. I haven't met him 1950.
26. This knife is made steel.
27. I have dropped my pen the table.
28. He is an old man eighty.
29. All children seven years must go to school.
30. I met him 1953.