English question words

Choose the right question words to complete the following sentneces in English.
1. A: of music do you like?
    B: I like rock music.
2. A: country does it come originally?
    B: England.
3. A: do you want to buy a house?
    B: In London.
4. A: does 'leisure' mean?
5. A: did you get up today?
    B: At 6 a.m.
6. A: did you visit yesterday?
    B: My aunt.
7. A: people came to your party?
    B: Eleven.
8. A: do get to work?
    B: By car.
9. A: do go to the cinema?
    B: Once a week.
10. A: is it popular?
    B: Because it's easy to learn.