English Reported Speech exercises

English Reported Speech exercises. Transform the following questions into the questions in Reported Speech.
1. "I shall do it for you," said Jane.
Jane said for me.
2. "We are going to have our house painted next month," said my neighbour.
My neighbour said to have their house painted the following month.
3. "Do not touch it, there might be a snake!"
My friend warned me it because there might be a snake.
4. "What is the new girl like?" asked the boss.
The boss wanted to know like.
5. "I should have been told about it before," remarked Chris.
Chris remarked about it before.
6. "I have no idea why they have not come yet," said John.
John said why they had not come yet.
7. "If I were you I would not do it," said John.
John advised me it.
8. "Do you love me or not? asked the young man.
The young man asked the girl whether or not she him.
9. "Can you dance as well as she can?" asked Betty.
Betty asked me if I dance as well as she could.
10. "Please leave the basket here," asked the shop assistant.
The shop assistant asked me the basket there.