Auxiliary Verbs in English

Fill in all the gaps with modal auxilliaries. Use the following words: did, have, been, must, will, will, had, has, may, would, was.
1. Peter telephone you yesterday?
2. you received all my letters?
3. They have writing the test since 4 o'clock.
4. Robert has learning German for seven months.
5. You should started your work long ago.
6. What is he doing?! He be mad!
7. When you come back, the work will have done, that's for sure.
8. John's not at home. He must gone to town.
9. At this time tomorrow we be flying over the Atlantic.
10. Jack would have got a better mark if he worked harder.
11. Peter never been to Argentina.
12 you buy a newspaper yesterday morning?
13. Mother, we go to the cinema this evening, please? may
14. She is out. She just gone to the butcher's.
15. Why you go to the bank yesterday?
16. What you do the day before yesterday?
17. you like a cup of tea now?
18. When you arrive home, your wife be waiting for you.
19. An ideal medicine has never found.
20. The victim of the accident taken to hospital.