Exercises for Reported Speech

Exercises for Reported Speech. Transform the following sentences into Reported Speech.
1. "Can I borrow your car, John?", asked Brian.
Brian asked John if his car.
2. Perhaps he speaks English.
He might English.
3. "I will never meet Peter again," said Joan.
Joan was sure that she Peter again.
4, "Where do you come from?", asked Mary.
Mary asked him from.
5. "Has anyone seen my tennis racket?", I asked.
I wanted to know if anyone my tennis racket.
6. "Don't buy me any more flowers!", Mary said to John.
Mary told John her any more flowers.
7. I think you should take an aspirin.
You had better an aspirin.
8. "May I use your phone?", he asked me.
He asked if my phone.
9. They probably stopped to do some shopping.
They may to do some shopping.
10. There are no biscuits left. I am sure Tim ate them.
Tim must the biscuits.