Exercises on Prepositions

Exercises on Prepositions. Choose the right prepositions in, on , at or by to complete the following sentences.
1. Be careful. There is ice the roads today.
2. Cracow is situated the south of Poland.
3. Do come in; don't stand the cold.
4. Do you know those people sitting the grass?
5. Do you mean the one the left?
6. Do you still work the Post Office?
7. Don't keep this medicine the sun.
8. I do not like this picture the wall.
9. I met Stephen the station.
10. Let's have a ride horseback.
11. Look, there is an aeroplane the sky!
12. Mt. Everest is the highest mountain the world.
13. Shall we meet the concert?
14. The bird sitting in that tree is one of the rarest this region.
15. The Burtons are the country today.
16. The house the corner is mine.
17. The picture the top of page 33 shows a leaf of tobacco.
18. The yachts are sailing the British waters now.
19. There are two boats the river.
20. There are two sentences the blackboard.
21. There is a moth the ceiling.
22. There is a mouse the table.
23. Were you Prof. Henderson's lecture yesterday?
24. What can you see the picture page 44?
25. What is he wearing his head?
26. Who is sitting that chair the left?
27. Who is the girl this picture?
28. Whose is this sweater my bed?
29. Would you do it if you were my place?
30. You should not play football the street.