Exercises on Present Perfect Tense

Fill in the gaps with the words in brackets in Present Perfect or Past Simple. REMEMBER: Use the full forms! DO NOT use any contractions!
1. The other day I our friend Chris. (meet)
2. She is very ill, she here for two weeks. (not be)
3. My former teacher for London. (leave)
4. He to Leeds last week. (go)
5. We many new roads in Poland. (build)
6. The old woman as she was crossing the street. (fall)
7. You (never) to Paris? No, I (never) there. (be)
8. They here for the last seven years. (live)
9. The doctor . He is waiting for you in the next room. (come)
10. He the soldiers to battle. (lead)
11. They home after the concert last night. (go)
12. I him for three months. (not meet)
13. you the papers this morning? (you / read)
14. They their way. (lose)
15. you in Paris last spring? Yes, I there in April. (be)
16. I to him about it over and over again. (speak)
17. I to him about it yesterday. (speak)
18. He in Vienna several times. (be)
19. We a bad storm the day before yesterday. (have)
20. The Browns are not at home. I believe they just . (leave)
21. Up to the present time I never this museum. (visit)
22. I him just as he was running out. (catch)
23. Her husband is a very nice man. I him ever since I him. (like / meet)
24. The workers my brother as their deputy. (choose)
25. This house to a rich women up to the present time. (belong)
26. I him to write this letter at once. (tell)
27. When the bell rang, all the children from their seats and ran out. (jump)
28. We here for two hours. (sit)
29. When I last saw her she to join her family in the USA. (decide)
30. She a sweater for her brother. (knit)