Past Continuous exercise

Past Continuous exercise. Write the words in brackets in the correct forms in English using Past Continuous Tense.
1. He all day yesterday. (rest)
2. We through the window when mother came in. (look)
3. They a newspaper when I entered. (read)
4. I to her but she. didn't hear me. (speak)
5. I didn't go for a walk because it . (rain)
6. When you telephoned I my room. (sweep)
7. They with John's wife when I came in. (talk)
8. While we we heard a shot. (play)
9. She along the embankment when I met her yesterday. (walk)
10. We home when, it started to snow. (go)
11. I very hard when he called. (study)
12. She when his friend arrived. (sleep)
13. They to the lecture when the light went off. (listen)
14. She still when we returned home. (work)
15. When he his garden he found a silver coin. (dig)