Past Perfect tense exercises

Past Perfect tense exercises. Fill in the gaps with the words at the very end of the sentences in Past Perfect Tense.
1. It to rain after we to the station. (start / get)
2. We the village where we as children. (visit / live)
3. By the time we the inn all the guests . (reach / leave)
4. We him just after he news of his dismissal. (meet / get)
5. I said I that play before. (see)
6. Nobody where she . (know / go)
7. They dinner when we . (finish / arrive)
8. He said that he already twice our town. (visit)
9. We to know which novels he . (want / read)
10. They told us that the children all the cake. (eat)
11. Why didn't you go to bed after you supper? (have)
12. By that time we your telegram. (already get)
13. She all her money before her father . (spend / come)
14. Your letter five minutes after he . (come / leave)
15. I him for the flowers he me. (thank / send)
16. After we writing we in the garden. (finish / play)
17. Who into the room after the telephone ? (come / ring)
18. We couldn’t the door because he our keys. (open / lose)
19. She to cry when the light out. (begin / go)
20. By the time I him he his studies. (meet / already finish)