First Conditionals exercises

First Conditionals exercises. Complete the following sentences with the words in brackets.
When autumn (come) , the leaves (fall) from the trees.
He works flexible hours; if there is not much to do, he (come) home early.
Unless you (apologise) , I’ll never talk to you again.
If you (pick) me up from work today, I (buy) you a drink.
If you (boil) soup, it (spoil) the flavour.
You (get) one point when you (answer) a question correctly.
I (meet) you in the square, unless you’d prefer to meet somewhere else.
If you (buy) a car, I (sell) my motorbike.
The rules of this club are very strict; if you (break) them, you are asked to leave.
He will never get promoted unless he (learn) to be more polite to customers.
If you really want me to, I (take) the dog to the vet.