Future Perfect exercises

Future Perfect exercises. Fill in the gaps with the words at the very end of the sentences in Future Perfect Tense.
1. When you arrive I probably the job. start
2. They dinner by the time we get there. have
3. A few centuries from now wars, I hope, a thing of the past. become
4. In a year's time he to some more serious sort of job. take
5. You a lot of your work by the end of this month. do
6. By November all the leaves . fall
7. If he doesn't hurry, they before he comes. leave
8. I am sure that tomorrow you all these rules. forget
9. Be quick! The child before you rescue it. drown
10. She old before she learns the use of prepositions. grow
11. The airman more than a thousand miles, before the end of this month. fly
12. If you ring me up after nine o'clock. I to the doctor. speak
13. We twenty miles more before we cross the frontier. travel
14. Next year we together for ten years. be
15. I am sure they the new road before April. complete