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Articles: a, an, and 'zero' exercises

Fill in a, an or x if it is not necessary to use any article.

Need help? The articles - explanations

1. We eat meat with fork and knife.
2. (S)sweater is made of wool.
3. man cannot live without food.
4. cow gives milk.
5. (I)iron is metal.
6. (B)butter is made from cream.
7. (A)apple grows on apple-tree.
8. (W)window is made of glass.
9. We go to concert to listen to music.
10. (C)corn grows in field.
11. You write letter on paper.
12. table is usually made of wood.
13. horse has tail.
14. cloth is made of wool.
15. house is built of bricks, stone or wood.
16. (M)meat is good food.
17. engine is made of metal.
18. Put jam on piece of bread.
19. We drink more water in summer than in winter.
20. (S)sugar is made from sugar-cane or sugar-beet.