Focus English Online Polska wersja

Articles: a/an, the, zero article - exercises

Fill the gaps with a/an, the or x if it isn't necessary to use any article.

Need help? The articles - explanations

1. He is very nice man.
2. They are brave girls.
3. farmhouses in my village were rather poor.
4. He told me story of his life.
5. This is a good example.
6. roof of house was on fire.
7. We are pupils.
8. Those were interesting books.
9. Look at top of that tree.
10. I am good sailor.
11. frame of that picture is broken.
12. John has become driver.
13. It was very long way to go.
14. We stopped at door of his hut.
15. cover of my English book is red.
16; Henry and Peter were good sportsmen.
17. last days of my stay in London were most interesting.
18. She was good actress.
19. This exception.
20. banks of river were very steep.