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Articles: a, an, the exercises

Fill in the gaps with a, the or some.

Need help? The articles - explanations

1. boy came to see me today. boy brought letter from my friend.
2. I bought book yesterday. book I bought is novel.
3. We saw house at end of the street. house we saw was white.
4. John wants to make walk. walk which he wants to make must be a long one.
5. Give me apple. apple you gave me is too hard to eat.
6. young girl was seated in front of me. girl had dog. My son started to play with dog.
7. I wrote exercise yesterday, and I wanted to know if exercise was written correctly.
8. There were two friends: old sailor and small boy. boy often visited sailor in his poor hut.
9. traveller arrived at the inn. inn was full of people and traveller could not get near the fire.
10. lady called one day at house were there were two children: boy and girl. When lady entered house she found boy and girl reading books.