Focus English Online Polska wersja

Articles: a, an, some answers

  • 1. I will give you a pen and a notebook.
  • 2. A house has windows.
  • 3. A house built of x stone is colder than one built of x brick.
  • 4. You write on a blackboard with x chalk.
  • 5. I want to listen to x music.
  • 6. x (S)sugar is sweet.
  • 7. There are usually some flowers in a garden.
  • 8. I want x milk and a piece of bread.
  • 9. Do you take x sugar in x tea?
  • 10. There is some mud on my shoes.
  • 11. Letters should be written in x ink.
  • 12. A friend of mine bought some books today.
  • 13. The coal mine gives us x coal.
  • 14. A book on x mathematics is too difficult for him.
  • 15. I put some butter into my soup.
  • 16. A ring made of x gold costs more than one made of x silver.
  • 17. A good worker is never late for x work.
  • 18. x (B)books are printed on x paper.
  • 19. To eat x fruit is good for x health.
  • 20. I take a cup of tea with x sugar.
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