Possessive nouns in English

Possessive nouns. In English possessive form of nouns is created by adding to the noun
apostrophe (') and letter -s.

General rules

typical possessive form John's car
the girl's father
James's sister
a dog's life
plural nouns get apostrophe after the final letter the boys' father
our neighbours' dog
the Browns' house
the Joneses' car
plural nouns get apostrophe and -s the children's toys
women's rights
men's clothing
gentlemen's agreement
nouns referring to things a pound of sugar
the door of the room
the conquest of space
a proof of honesty
nouns in case of personification of the names of countries, town, rivers, some nature phenomena Poland's economy
England's sons
Warsaw's pride
the sun's rays
in expressions referring to time and measure concepts a day's journey
a four-weeks' holiday
a three-miles' walk
a yard's distance