Pronunciation of Plural Nouns in English

The pronunciation of plural nouns is very important. Below you will find the rules which should be followed in the pronunciation of plural nouns.

Regular spelling Pronunciation Singular Plural
when a noun ends with a vowel or voiced consonant with the exception of
/z/ and / dz /
/ z / bed beds
stove stoves
dog dogs
room rooms
when a noun ends with voiceless consonant with the exception of:
/s/, /f/ /tf/
/ s / clock clocks
cat cats
roof roofs
month months
when a noun ends with a consonant
/z/, /s/, /f/, /dz/ or /tf/
or when a singular noun ends with
s, ss, sh, ch, z
/ iz / gas gases
glass glasses
nose noses
brush brushes
watch watches
judge judges
box boxes
a consonant + -y turns into ies country countries
baby babies
fly flies
lady ladies
a vowel + y takes -s -ay day days
-ey key keys
-oy boy boys
-uy guy guys
proper nouns   Fry the Frys
  Kennedy the Kennedys
nouns ending with -f / -fe -ves loaf loaves
wife wives
wolf wolves
half halves
some nouns have double forms -s or -ves hoof hoofs / hooves
scarf scarfs / scarves
wharf wharfs / wharves
nouns which change vowels   foot feet
  louse lice
  mouse mice
  woman women
  goose geese
  man men
  tooth teeth