Have get something done exercises

Have get something done exercises. Rewrite the following sentences using the grammar construction HAVE + OBJECT + PAST PARTICIPLE, changing some words where necessary.
We ask someone to check the accounts every month.
We every month.
Someone sends the money to my bank account in London.
I have to my bank account in London.
My stereo isn’t working properly. It needs cleaning.
I’m going to .
My camera’s being repaired at the moment.
I’m at the moment.
Someone delivers the newspapers.
We .
Someone cleaned the carpets every year.
I every year.
Their house need painting.
They are going to .
I think it’s time to service the car.
It’s time to .
I don’t like the office curtains. I'm going to ask someone to change them.
I think I’ll .
There’s something wrong with the computer.
I think I’ll .