Infinitives in English

Complete the following sentences in English using the words provided above the sentences. Pay close attention to the correct grammar forms of the verbs used in the answers. Some of them should be used with to-infinitive form and the others simply infinitive without to.
   cry      sleep      arrive      clean      do      explain      get      go      hear      know      wait      walk   
'Do you want to go by car?' 'No, let's .'
Don't wake me up tomorrow morning. Let me .
It was a very sad film. It made me .
Kevin's parents didn't want him married.
Please don't tell Sarah about my plan. I don't want her .
Please stay with me. I don't want you .
'Shall we begin?' 'No, let's a few minutes.'
She didn't understand the story, so she asked me it to her.
Talk quietly. I don't want anybody us.
The kitchen is very dirty. Can you help me it?
What do you think about my problem? What do you advise me ?
You're here early. I expected you later.