Modal verbs short answers

Modal verbs short answers. Choose the right forms have to, don't have to, can, can't, should or shouldn't to complete the following sentences in English.
A: Can you come for a coffee after the meeting?
B: No, I . I’m sorry – I have to go home.
A: Do I have to pay for the meal now?
B: No, you . You can pay when you leave.
A: Should we phone to say we’re going to be late?
B: Yes, we . Here’s my phone.
A: Can we leave our luggage during the break?
B: Yes, you . But don’t leave any money.
A: Do you think I should write about my education background?
B: Yes, you . You can get a better job.
A: My child is five. Do you have to buy him a ticket?
B: Yes, you . It costs half the price of an adult ticket.
A: Do you have to get up early tomorrow?
B: No, I . I can stay in bed.
A: Can you speak English?
B: Yes, I . I lived in London for 5 years.
A: Should we leave him the message?
B: Yes, we . He won’t be worried about us.
A: Should I study more on English grammar?
B: No, you . You know it very well already.