Orders in Reported Speech exercise

Orders in Reported Speech exercise. Transform the following orders into Reported Speech.
1. "Sit down Tom."
He told Tom .
2. "Don't go near the sea, children."
The children's mother warned them near the sea.
3. "Don't be late, Tim."
Tim's father told him .
4. "Be quiet, children."
She told the children .
5. "Don't shoot, men!"
The office ordered the men .
6. "Have your tickets ready, please."
The inspector told us our tickets ready.
7. "Don't use the phone after eleven o'clock."
She told us the phone after eleven o’clock.
8. "Leave your keys on the desk, please,"
The receptionist told us our keys on the desk.
9. "Have your passports ready, please."
The customs officer told us our passports ready.
10. "Finish the job tonight, please."
My boss told me the job tonight.
11. "Run!"
The general ordered the soldiers .
12. "Open the door, please,"
My mother told me the door.
13. "Don't spend too much money on your holiday."
My father told me too much money on our holiday.
14. "Hurry up."
He told me up.
15. "Don't be frightened." she told, me
She told me .