Past Simple Past Continuous exercises

Past Simple Past Continuous exercises. Write the words in brackets in Past Simple or Past Continuous Tense.
1. I (watch) TV when she (call) me.
2. He (jump) into the river and (rescue) the drowning man.
3. I (see) my first baseball match while I (live) in New York.
4. We (ring) the police because the neighbours (play) the music very loud.
5. He (write) the whole homework during the lunch break.
6. We (play) in the garden when it (start) to rain.
7. He (meet) his girlfriend when he (live) in London.
8. While I (work) in the hospital I (decide) to give up smoking.
9. It (rain) the whole day so we (decide) to stay at home.
10. The sun (shine) so we (decide) to go for a walk.