Past Simple vs Past Perfect

Past Simple vs Past Perfect. Complete the following sentences with the verbs either in Past Simple or Past Perfect Tense. ATTENTION: Do not use contractions in this exercise!
1. After we it on the phone, I him an email about it. discuss, write
2. Before we Bob to the theatre, he a stage play before. take, never see
3. By the time we , the football match . arrive, finish
4. He to do the job in an hour, but he still by 7 o’clock. promise, not finish
5. I the carpet when the dog in and shook himself. just clean, come
6. By the time I , the concert . arrive, finish
7. I the shop as soon as I the contents of the box. ring, check
8. They the door before I there. lock, get
9. We a good rest when our gests . have, all leave
10. When she the office this morning, Tom out. ring, already go