Place of adverbs in English

Place of adverbs in English. Fill in the gaps with the words in CAPITAL LETTERS at the end of the sentences. Remember about the correct position of adverbs of frequency in English.
1. Bob and Helen in London. BOTH / WERE / BORN
2. Chris is a good guitarist. He very well. SING / ALSO / CAN
3. Our laptop down. OFTEN / BREAKS
4. I his name. REMEMBER / NEVER / CAN
5. I sugar in my tea. TAKE / USUALLY
6. ‘Where is Helen?’ ‘She shopping’. GONE / HAS / PROBABLY
7. Betty very cheerful. IS / ALWAYS
8. We a long time for the taxi. HAVE TO / ALWAYS / WAIT
9. I leaving early tomorrow. PROBABLY / WILL / BE
10. I very tired when I get home from work. USUALLY / AM