Possessive pronouns English exercises

Possessive pronouns English exercises. Fill in the gaps with the personal or possessive pronouns provided in brackets to complete the following sentences in English.
1. It was (she, her) who said this, not (I, me).
2. (He, Him) knows much more English than me.
3. Are you talking about (we, us) or about (they, them)?
4. Between, you and (I, me), (I, me) am more afraid of     (she, her) than of (he, him).
5. It was (he, him) I was talking to, not (she, her).
6. Let (we, us) all go to the pictures except (she, her), since (she, her) is so tired.
7. Why should (I, me) do it for (they, them)? (I, me) don't even speak to (they, them).
8. (I, me) don't know if (he, him) is stronger than me.
9. Nobody could answer (he, him) except (I, me).
10. Please help (we, us) to carry (she, her), (she, her) has had an accident.