Prepositional phrases exercises

Prepositional phrases exercises. Choose the right prepositions in or at to complete the following sentences.
1. Mary is the living-room the moment.
2. You can find this book our library.
3. I have found this bird the forest.
4. I was London last year.
5. There is not much snow the mountains this year.
6. What time shall we be town?
7. How much money did you spend the supermarket?
8. It is an absolute scandal that they are kept prison!
9. Who is that lady sitting the armchair?
10. What time will you be home?
11. Pat is ill and she must stay bed for a week.
12. Such lighters are made our factory, too.
13. We spent our last weekend Paris.
14. You can keep your bike my garage.
15. There is nobody the park at such an early hour.
16. The last war Europe ended 1945.
17. You can read about the fire today's paper.
18. I have left my umbrella the office.
19. Derek is a mechanic. He works a garage.
20. There are some tourists the church now.