Prepositions of location exercises

Prepositions of location exercises. Choose the right prepositions to complete the following sentences.
1. They left the law-court one another.
2. The park is my house.
3. He promised to find that man a week.
4. His father was home when he was born.
5. the morning the temperature was below zero.
6. I met him three times during my stay London.
7. Now your offer I must see the goods in question first.
8. There were forty people sitting the hall.
9. He went his house to meet us.
10. The results of his work were my expectations.
11. Mr Brown is not in the garden; he is the house.
12. Good-bye next Sunday.
13. She was married her will.
14. The boy went the policeman and asked him the way.
15. I can come and see you any day Monday.
16. We sailed that lonely island.