Prepositions quiz

Prepositions quiz. Choose the right prepositions to, at or in to complete the following sentences.
1. Have you been the theatre recently?
2. I’m returning London the end of this term.
3. He isn’t living home now.
4. I went bed early but I couldn’t’ get sleep because there was a lot noise the next room.
5. At first I found the work very tiring, but a few weeks I got used to it.
6. There was an accident the crossroads midnight last night.
7. Two men were taken hospital. I believe one of them is still hospital.
8. In the daytime the streets are crowded but night they are quite deserted.
9. At first her mother refused to allow her to go back work, but the end she agreed.
10. He went to sea 18 and spent all his working life sea.